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So these are the instructions to fix the audio problem on Asus laptop. If your laptop still doesn’t give you the audio, you need to reset it and reconfigure it. But before doing this, you should take the backup of your files. Press the sound button on your laptop, and see if it is making any kind of noise. If you are also going through asus laptop sound not working problem, just follow the instructions given below. It can be something to do with your sound drivers or the sound controllers.

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Here are some methods to fix the audio problem in your laptop. after doing through you will get rid of asus laptop sound not working problem. if you have not muted the sound, then you should try to uninstall the sound driver and install latest sound driver into your computer. we know, how could it be frustrating, when sound is not working on asus laptop. so here i am going to share some information to troubleshoot Sound problem on asus laptop . Here another effective way to fix especially low sound after the windows 10 update.

Possible fixes include installing new drivers, tweaking settings, or even revert to a previous restore point. You launch a PC game or stream a movie, but you don’t hear any sound. On the surface, there’s no apparent reason for the lack of audio. This guide shows you how to fix sound problems in Windows 10. I clicked on the sound option and once that menu appeared I went all the way to the top where there are 3 tabs and clicked on the 1st one which is playback.

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To see if this is the case, type “Control Panel” in the taskbar’s search field and select the resulting Control Panel desktop app. If this doesn’t work, you may not have the right audio device set as the default. Follow the Control Panel route instructions to set your default audio device. Select your audio device listed under the “Playback” tab and right-click to open a menu. First, verify that the sound isn’t muted on the PC Reason end. If your keyboard has volume controls, press a key or turn a slider to see if the on-screen volume bar raises and lowers. You can also bring up the taskbar to examine the “speaker” icon parked next to the system clock.

Check speaker volume levels, and try turning all the volume controls up. Restart your browser and check if the audio issue has been resolved. Restart Chrome and check if there is sound coming from the web apps. As such, we recommend automating the process, using a reliable program like Auslogics Driver Updater. You just have to click a button and you can get the tool to automatically scan your system and search for the right drivers for your computer. In this way, you wouldn’t risk making mistakes while trying to fix no sound in Chrome. Check if the audio is working properly on other Internet browsers like Firefox and Explorer.

Now check if this helps to fix Windows 10 Audio sound problems. Restart Windows after completing the troubleshooting process and check Audio sound working. Make sure the latest Windows updates installed on your device, Or head over to settings, Update & security and click on check for updates button.

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Problems could merely reside in third-party software, requiring a patch. Issues could also stem from within Windows 10 itself or the underlying hardware.