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1000s of years later on, we nevertheless worry the shiksa succubus

1000s of years later on, we nevertheless worry the shiksa succubus

Although the evidence frequently is available in the type of rueful jokes concerning the “loss” of Jon Stewart to a lady whose maiden name starts with “Mc. ” “In the guise of religious seductress, enticing Jewish males far from their history, the gentile girl is just a scapegoat for driving a car that, by unique neglect, American Jews will produce the destruction of Judaism, ” writes Benvenuto. “Contradictorily, whenever she earnestly pursues transformation, she actually is similarly good at pressing off Jews’ ambivalence about their very own spiritual identity. ”

Shiksaphobia: that is our problem. Worrisome due to the fact specter of “losing” Jews might be, the Reform movement—and, to varying degrees, the Conservative—has come to realize that welcoming mixed-faith couples is exactly what might help the Jewish community to develop. My husband’s synagogue wouldn’t be nearly as vibrant—or, important thing, as big—without its inviting stance toward non-Jewish and Jewish-by-choice lovers, or their enthusiastic involvement.

The Union for Reform Judaism, concerned with sending the message that the motion “does maybe perhaps not care” whether or not non-Jews convert, recently asked synagogues to boost their efforts to encourage transformation of non-Jewish partners. For some, this smacks of proselytizing. Clic para leer más— »