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Online dating sites and Hook-Up Protection Guidelines

Online dating sites and Hook-Up Protection Guidelines

Violence may have real, emotional, and monetary impacts. We encourage LGBTQ and HIV-affected community members to have help and remain safe, including whenever hooking or dating up online. We are able to help even though the event is not reported towards the police therefore we keep all information confidential.


Create a security plan and let somebody else understand (we could help!). Inform one or more individual regarding the plans, such as for example whom you??™ll be with, a method to make contact with the person/people you plan to do that you are meeting, meeting place, and what. Arrange ahead of time what is going to take place whether you want police called if you feel unsafe, such as where they will meet you and.

Make use of your technology. Text your self or buddies about where you??™ll be or what your location is, the handle anyone or people utilize regarding the phone or website application. Add a photo of the individual, and save your self communications whenever making use of web sites and phone apps.

Meet in public areas. Fulfilling in public allows for greater choices for security. If possible bring friends with you, as they possibly can view your straight back and provide you with their impressions. In the event that individual doesn??™t seem like the photo, ask them about any of it. You feel comfortable with, leave if they don??™t have an answer.

Understand your restrictions. You will use if you??™re going to use substances, including alcohol, consider deciding ahead of time when and how much.

Training safer intercourse. You may have sex, make it safer sex??”bring safer sex supplies and use them if you think. AVP has totally totally free safer sex materials (condoms for males as well as females, lube, dental dams, etc.) available and will assist you to security plan around how exactly to pose a question to your intercourse partner to take part in safer intercourse. Clic para leer más— »