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One of the issues with the felony justice system most regularly cited by legal practitioners was the prolonging of cases with too many adjournments, most frequently as a result of non-appearance of witnesses, including the victim. However, with no witness protection regulation or dependable access to safe shelter, taking part in a trial is commonly too dangerous for girls or girls seeking legal recourse, especially from their husband or one other family member. Additionally, public prosecutors are often not properly educated in felony law and fail to contact witnesses or guarantee they’re aware they are expected and have the means to soundly journey to look in court. One of the commonest causes that legal investigations and prosecutions in circumstances of acid violence—and cases of violence in opposition to women and girls more broadly—result in acquittal or stay in open investigation for years on end, is a scarcity of enough evidence. This is commonly a results of poor police work and public prosecutors’ failure to actively pursue the case, coordinate with investigators, or secure witnesses. In a 2015 BRAC University research on the low price of conviction in legal circumstances of violence against women, insufficient proof from weak police investigations was cited as one of the key causes for low convictions rates.

Most female entrepreneurs began their companies by taking loans from relations, so they do not have monitor records as bank borrowers. Therefore, it is doubtless that these women entrepreneurs may not be capable of take loans underneath the stimulus. An earlier study showed that the next stage of training is a protecting factor of weight problems among women . The affiliation between wealth and weight problems isn’t inevitable and may be changed via funding in education . Taking it into consideration, this research means that initiatives should be undertaken to develop socio-culturally applicable pointers to maintain a healthy weight and implement interventions for individuals who are already overweight. This research excluded participants under 15 years of age, participants with missing values for measured height and weight, and girls who have been pregnant at the time of the survey. Observations with missing values for the confounding variables thought of in this examine have been also excluded.

The results of that shocking command is that households–together with women and youngsters corresponding to Fowzia and Sadia–are no longer secure even in their own houses. The practice of ruling get together activists collaborating with police within the state-sponsored reign of terror solely makes this latest injunction extra deadly. It is especially troubling given the sacred place women historically have held in Bangladeshi society that rendered them off-limits, regardless of the country’s murky politics. This has seen a sharp and disturbing change beneath the Awami League, which returned to energy in 2008. Female entrepreneurs are discovering it difficult to entry funds from the stimulus packages; entry to finance by way of official banking has at all times been difficult for women, as they do not have collateral in opposition to loans. Despite the advice of the central bank of Bangladesh, industrial banks are usually reluctant to offer loans to CMSMEs because it’s not price effective for them to take action. During the pandemic, the central bank has advised industrial banks to provide loans to businesses primarily based on bank-shopper relationships.

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Over the final 20 years, in accordance with ASF, there have been over 3,800 reported circumstances of acid violence in Bangladesh, with the overwhelming majority of assaults perpetrated by men concentrating on women or girls who they know. Inextricable from gender inequality, acid assaults typically happen within a sample of ongoing domestic violence, in response to rejection of sexual advances or a wedding proposal, as a punishment for looking for training or work, or as a form of retribution in land or dowry disputes. According to data provided by the Multi-Sectoral Programme on Violence Against Women, of the over 11,000 women who filed legal cases by way of one of many authorities’s nine One-Stop Crisis Centers for ladies and girls, solely 160 saw a profitable conviction, at time of writing. On March 26, 2020, the federal government declared a nationwide “basic holiday”— essentially a nationwide lockdown to cease the unfold of Covid-19—that was prolonged until May 31, 2020. A research surveying 2,174 women towards the end of this lockdown, revealed in The Lancet in August, discovered that during this time women skilled an increase in emotional, sexual, and physical violence. In reality, greater than half of those who reported physical violence, similar to being slapped or having one thing thrown at them, mentioned that this violence increased for the reason that onset of the lockdown. Manusher Jonno Foundation, for example, surveyed 17,203 women and youngsters in April, and located that of the 4,705 women and youngsters who reported incidents of home violence that month, nearly half stated this was the primary time.

After making use of the exclusion standards, the total examine population from all the four durations of surveys was women aged 15–forty nine years. Additionally, sampling weight was utilized to ensure the actual illustration of the survey outcomes on the nationwide and domain levels. Details of the sampling strategies are available from the final report of the surveys [20–23]. Worldwide, many studies have investigated the correlates of obese and weight problems among youngsters and adults; nonetheless, little is understood concerning women residing in low-revenue nations . The majority of earlier studies performed in growing international locations, together with Bangladesh, have centered on the prevalence of chubby and weight problems in women, and tested to what extent a single socio-economic, reproductive or life-style factor influences women to be obese or obese . At the identical time, only some research have examined the effect of an interaction term between two socio-demographic factors on overweight and weight problems in women. For example, a research involving a number of middle-income countries examined the obesogenic effect of the co-existence of schooling and family wealth in women .

This lack of examination highlights the importance of investigating the impact of varied socio-financial danger elements, including the interaction time period between the place of residence and family wealth on obese and weight problems among women specifically . Overweight and weight problems continue to be critical public health issues [1–3]. Globally, the prevalence of obese and weight problems is increasing rapidly, with about two billion obese or obese individuals internationally in 2016. It has been estimated that 39% and 13% of the world’s adult population had been chubby and obese in 2016, respectively . Overweight and weight problems are considered as a number one risk issue for the global burden of weight problems-associated morbidity and mortality , with an estimated 3.4 million international deaths in 2010 have been attributed to overweight or obesity . Although growing tendencies in overweight and weight problems have been broadly recognised in developed countries , these are actually concerns in lots of creating countries because of their high incidence rates and growing mortality rates up to now 20 years . Several studies reported that obese and weight problems are strongly linked to non-communicable illnesses similar to diabetes mellitus, hypertension, cardiovascular issues, cancers and musculoskeletal disorders , which are more common in women than men .

While Rakib was working in Saudi Arabia, Nusrat started working in garment factories in Dhaka. In 2010, when Rakib returned to live in Bangladesh, he advised Nusrat to stop working and move home with him to Sirajgonj. Without entry to correct help or authorized advice, Nusrat decided not to report Rakib to the police, but she returned to Dhaka together with her kids. Three months later, in August 2016, she was in her room in Dhaka when she recognized his voice, chatting with the owner on the primary floor. When she opened the door, he lunged at her, throwing acid and stabbing her in the head with a knife five times. The government of Bangladesh has passed significant laws aimed at preventing and guaranteeing authorized recourse for the various types of violence in opposition to women and girls in Bangladesh, and helping survivors.

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However, as Yasmin Saikia, chair of Peace Studies at Arizona State University’s Center for the Study of Religion and Conflict and writer of a number of books concerning the Indian subcontinent, explains, the 1971 warfare must be seen in the context of longer-term conflict within the region. Present-day India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh, she says, all committed profound acts of violence between the late 1940s and early Nineteen Seventies. Today, about half of the female manufacturing facility employees are married, becoming a member of a permanent urban migration that swelled the scale of Dhaka, Chittagong and different cities.

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These working women are likely to have smaller families, typically only one or two children, which has helped Bangladesh slow the expansion of its population, now at 160 million. Many of them live in Dhaka’s quick-rising slums, elevating households in shanties without operating water or sanitation. Crucially, given the increasing visibility of women’s rights movements on the planet today, it’s troubling to see so little attention given to Bangladesh, aside from the issue of labour rights, the place Bangladeshi women are major producers of western fashion. Women’s participation in education and politics are foundational elements of empowerment that must be protected, yet these avenues are actively and violently being curtailed in Bangladesh for those not toeing the line of the ruling celebration. Severe custodial torture of male prisoners underneath this authorities is well-documented. That the arrests of lots of of women and girls have gone largely and disturbingly unnoticed suggests that any attainable and possible custodial abuse has taken place in silence. A contributing complication is the social politics of disgrace that renders discussions on violations of the female body a taboo.

Accordingly, the female labour drive participation rate doubled between 1974 and 1984, when it reached nearly 8 %. Human Rights Watch estimated that Pakistani forces killed as much as 3 million individuals, though the Pakistani authorities sets that number much decrease, at about 26,000. Hundreds of hundreds of women and young girls had been raped, though estimates on sexualized violence differ tremendously as well.

These embody seven Safe Custody Homes run by the Ministry of Social Welfare, two of which are in Dhaka division, and six shelters run by the Ministry of Women and Children’s Affairs where women can stick with as much as two youngsters underneath the age of 12 for as much as six months. Nusrat, 34, was 13 when she was pressured to marry Rakib, her half-brother from her father’s previous marriage. He beat her usually, but she didn’t report him to the authorities fearing social stigma and criticism from relatives.