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This is a complicated subject, but many pilots think composite reflectivity is most useful for flight planning . Having the ability to compare different radar scans can offer some good insights with a little training. There are all kinds of other radar products, from velocity to differential reflectivity. The app, which costs $9.99, also allows you to zoom in and look for tell-tale severe weather radar signatures.Get the app here. CloudTopper.This may not technically be a weather app, but it’s useful in flight when dealing with weather. CloudTopper, just $0.99, is the answer to the ever-present question, “Are we going to top those clouds? ” Using the iPad or iPhone’s built-in gyro and camera, it allows you to point your phone at the clouds ahead, get it exactly level and see whether or not those clouds are above you.

Although watching the weather channel is informative, having your very own weather station at home is the best way to have real-time updates on the weather. In spring, clouds can form quickly, blocking your view and potentially ruining your day behind the control wheel. With CloudTopper, you’ll always know whether or not you will top that cloud ahead of you. This weather app uses your phone’s camera and gyroscope to make a sight level – the user simply points it out the front of the airplane and looks for the big black line to direct their actions. And, at only 99 cents, it’s an affordable choice for checking cloud coverage in your area. RadarScope.If MyRadar download from spotify is the lightweight, easy-to-use radar app, RadarScope is the weather geek’s radar app. It focuses less on pretty pictures and more on options–you can display any of the 155 different radar sites in the US, and choose between base and composite reflectivity.

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Weather is one of the most common conversation openers in the world. We can talk about it to almost everyone we meet, and even TV channels and websites are committed to it.

We would recommend this to hobbyists, campers and outdoor activists. This is the best choice for you in case you love to travel, go hiking and you often visit dense areas. It is highly portable and its battery backup is very much powerful. It’s very durable and you can easily carry it around even to the faraway places without worrying about its damage.

You can even enter your estimated distance to the clouds and the app will estimate how many feet you would need to climb to get on top. Weekend Flyer.Heading out on a weekend trip and want to get a feel for what the weather will be like a few days out for the return flight? Weekend Flyer is designed just for that purpose, providing a graphical forecast with a time slider from 1 hour to 3 days out in the future. Upgrades toAirNow.govandFire.AirNow.govnow include smoke plume forecasts in addition to using a dense grid of "low cost data network" sensors that employ correction factors to more accurately measure smoke pollution. The only reason I don’t wholeheartedly recommend ClimaCell is that you need to pay a monthly fee to access all of these features. Without paying, your forecasts won’t go quite as far into the future, and you won’t have as many alert options.

  • It automatically generates layer-2 maps and manages monitoring dependencies.
  • It’s policy, and template-based configuration makes managing thousands of nodes a breeze.
  • Small business users usually just need to ensure that their networks are being properly maintained and that they are aware of any potential issues.
  • NetCrunch supports major operating systems, virtualization platforms, and the Cloud.

You may have to pay a premium, but this is the king when it comes to weather station accuracy. The design of the station it’s outdated, and the additional sensors might be expensive; however, this is one of the most reliable weather machines on the market.