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For example, if you need to create financial spreadsheet documents on a regular basis, you’ll want something that provides specific templates. As another example, particular templates are also available for users who are trying to get their expenses under control. Almost every spreadsheet program allows you to enter the names of cells and preform mathematical operations on them. In order to make this process easier, some of better apps come with built-in spreadsheet formulas you can use simply by clicking on them. Others offer a large number of options from the context menu, which makes this feature easy to use during the data entry process.

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Don’t buy a program simply because it offers an impressive number of templates or comes with fancy extra elements. You may never even need to use these, and they’ll be more expensive. Avoid anything that isn’t offered for your preferred OS, as well. While spreadsheet software continues to flourish on the Mac and Windows platforms, apps are becoming available for Linux and mobile devices today too. There are several different types of spreadsheets on the Messenger for Windows 10 market, and you might want to look for something specifically geared toward your use case.

Changes to a spreadsheet document can be identified by a number or code that states what revision they are. This can help users see how a document changes over time and find out exactly when a certain value was entered. This feature was uncommon for quite some time, but it’s very important if you plan to be editing documents with other people online.

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Other core features involve collaboration, sending update requests for sheet rows as a form , or auto-generating Reports with specified data for execs or clients. From there, enter or import your data, and create multiple sheets for different tables to reduce complexity.

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Microsoft’s core competency is software, especially for productivity and business functions. As Excel is one of the oldest versions of spreadsheet software, it has had the longest time to gain robust feature sets and handle powerful functions and formulas, as well as stable extendability.